Fashion Favorites: What to Expect Spring 2018! Posted on 22 Jan 14:07

New year means new styles, right?! Of course!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons to buy for. It's a breath of fresh air seeing all the vibrant colors and patterns to pick from after buying for a winter full of neutrals and plaids!

So, y'all might be wondering, "what are the new colors and trends for Spring 2018?!" To start off, the Pantone color this year is Ultra Violet Purple, so get ready to see A LOT of purple, ladies! Personally, purple is not one of my favorite colors, however, its starting to grow on me! Some trends to expect this year are florals, they are big this year! Ruffles are starting to make a comeback as well, you will see a lot of tops with ruffle detailing. One of my personal favorites is the hi-lo & they are being dramatic with it this year!! Expect to see a lot of hi lo tops, like all the way down to the ground low! Kimonos always do well, but this year you will start to see a lot more dusters in solids and prints. Last but not least, Denim, the distressed hem line has been huge lately and will continue to be big this year and I personally LOVE it! I think it adds uniqueness to jeans that can help make your outfit pop more! 

I hope y'all are excited to see our new arrivals! I will be posting them as our shipments come in for Spring!